Lyft Snus vs Pablo Snus, which snus is the best in 2021?

WHICH ONE IS BETTER: Pablo snus? Lyft Snus?

Our friend from my shop, Yoshihiro Nachi, shared two snus molds with us today. I had nothing but enthusiasm for these two.

The first one is the traditional type known as “Pablo Snus”, the old favorites that even the old man Lacks appreciates, and, why not, the fantastic new tradition of the Modern Snus Line being introduced. According to its slogans like “you are leaving just as you found,” which I am assuming also applies to this beta version of the nugget-size snus, they are perfect for small celebrations and for smooches.

They cost 50 yen (or about 44 cents).

The other snus that was provided was their “Cobra Snus” that I have heard of before but was never tempted to buy myself. It was made in Istanbul and was the best thing to add to our shoeboxes. They were apparently the first non-puss, meaning no flowers (or meat) developed from cottonseed. It means that while the traditional sort was the thinnest one, this new one was the thinnest, and the tiniest one ever.

And to top it off, it’s also Chinese in Chinese style, so you get the best flavor out of it.

Makes sense, right?

At this point, the video starts. This time it’s the last one, the OG Nikkei Fun.

It’s their first version of the Nikkei Fun and maybe the most memorable one. A flashy creation of technical genius Minoru Kato (Ken is his real name), it’s larger snus that, I think, a lot of us are going to be unable to resist. That is, assuming they have them, and the dev team doesn’t neglect the fact that they made it this ultra-talent.

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It will cost 20 yen (or about $163)

The use of 3D graphics, eh? The emperor himself, apparently? Yes, you read that right! A new faith for the use of Anime-styled images has shown up for the Nikkei Fun. Full-color 3D representations of the Empire of Jigurashi, the Empire of Aoi-Ji, and of course the iconic emperor named Kobe. The glasses are all, as you can guess, up to standard manga–ish, yet the real glory is the wind-up key for the office setting, which, I assume, made you do 90% of the thinking on those things that you turn around.

Yoshihiro Nachi and friends at work. Lots of wonderful stuff to see.

Check them all out here.